Crikvenica town and Crikvenica riviera

Crikvenica is situated within easy reach to visitors from Central Europe. It is situated on the Croatian Adriatic, known as the Croatian coast, the most beautiful part of Kvarner Bay, just 35 kilometers from the city of Rijeka, the County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar. This large transport hub and the largest port in Croatia is also the gateway for the whole of Central Croatian and large parts of Central Europe.Do Crikvenica is easily reached by roads in one day from almost all parts of Europe.
Apart from the road, to Crikvenica can be reached by sea or air. Sailors will berth for boats and yachts in the port city or in one of the small harbor, the nearby marina in Punat offers winter berthing. On the island of Krk is the airport, which is of Crikvenica is only 20 kilometers.
The favorable position of Crikvenica and its being sheltered from strong winds from the north due to the slopes of the mountain of Kapela and from the south due to the island of Krk, the climate is mild and relaxing. The characteristic climate of this region are dry, sunny and pleasantly warm summers and mild winters with a healthy local system of winds.
The amplitude between the average annual maximum and minimum temperatures is small fluctuations treasures. The annual average temperature is 14.2 ° C and average summer temperature is 23.6 ° C. Snow, fog and temperatures below 5 ° C are very rare. The sea temperature in summer reaches a maximum of 27 ° C. The sea air is characterized by purity and dispersed healthy oligominerals and no noxious pollen allergens or waste gases. Acceptance of modern values ??balneotherapy, thalassotherapy, climatic, and the top medical centers in Europe has prompted the construction of health facilities and institutions in Crikvenica.
Crikvenica, filled with greenery of Mediterranean vegetation, with sports facilities and well-equipped sports facilities and various cultural and entertainment facilities, as well as the indispensable local Mediterranean cuisine, known and recognized.
Numerous sports facilities on land and at sea, especially the benefits for children and competitions, will delight many fans of healthy living and active vacations throughout the year, especially favored, the climate benefits of Crikvenica, the quality of athletes preparing for competitions.
After an active day enjoying the great choice of sports on land and sea, followed by rest and relax in the sauna or a massage. Concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows, evening show programs, disco nights and traditional festivals, will complete and creatively enrich your leisure time during your stay in Crikvenica.
Eight miles of sandy beaches and related natural promenade (Lungomare) through the lush Mediterranean vegetation, provides an opportunity for everyone to enjoy, from swimmers to walkers and cyclists.
Excursion tourism will greatly contribute to your more substantial stay in Crikvenica, therefore, an attractive tourist boats will be able to visit Krk, Košljun, Vrbnik, Klimno Kačjak the cave “Biserujka” on the island and the island of Rab, a modern buses, some of the many Croatian national parks such as the Plitvice, Paklenica, Northern Velebit, and also some other places with a natural curiosity in the area of Gorski Kotar and Lika. It is also possible to visit interesting places in neighboring countries, such as Postojna and Venice … These are all worthy of your attention, which you will always remember with joy.